Stock Photos For Christmas!

Christmas Stock PhotosIn the spirit of Christmas, I am offering some free hi-res photos for your Christmas creative projects! Here are some stock photos for you to use (print quality, blow up on canvas etc.). For more stock pictures like these, request your photo pack now! 5 Hi-Res photos for only $40; I am registered on PayPal. Your download will be sent within the day! Place your order by filling out the form below:

Christmas Stock Photos Christmas Stock Photos Christmas Stock Photos Christmas Stock Photos

Earn Easy Cash Through Instagram

Work station stock imagesI had no idea you could make so much cash on Instagram. Seriously, like, where have I been? Here are a few things you could do to earn a nice paycheck from getting more involved on this social media platform:

+ Sign up to Twenty20, set your price + sell your photos. You get a 20% cut for each one sold. They sort logistics + shipping worldwide, sending money your way via PayPal every month. They sell your photos on canvas or use them to create phone covers, pillows, ornamental prisms + framed prints. Popular photos are of landscapes + cityscapes. There’s not much on the South African / Cape Town / Joburg / Durban / PE angle (so my readers from here, we can definitely corner the market on this one).

+ Register on Snapfluence + earn serious money through deals with big brands who’ll pay you to promote their products. Become an “Instagram Influencer” + earn up to R17 000 ($1450) to participate in a campaign.

+ Register on Instaprints or SnapMyAd. Sell your photos or get hired to promote products.

Top 10 hashtags on Instagram (in order):











Inspired By: Victor Matom

Photography by: Craig Kolesky

Photography by: Craig Kolesky

Reading this month’s issue of The Coffee Mag, I was inspired by the story of Soweto-born photographer Victor Matom. He was featured because he uses coffee to process film. Here is an excerpt from the article written by Jazz Kushke:

Quotes by Victor Matom

As a creative myself, I love his attitude + his passion. It excites me to see how far he’s come from where he was born. Below is a video profile of him done by Nikon SA. They’ve recently launched a new campaign called “I am a Storyteller”. The campaign showcases the inspirational stories of South Africans who through photography have influenced change in their local communities. I love the idea! Here are some of Victor’s photos. Cape Town photographer Craig Kolesky took the photos for the article. You can join his awesome Facebook community here. Check out his website here.

What To Share On Your Social Media

How To Attract Dream Readers

+ Blog / Website

Your headquarters for content. The place you use to establish your reputation, share your expertise or portfolio, answer questions, talk in your natural voice, and wow your readers.

+ Twitter

Your place to post text messages the whole world can see. Use it to share useful information, jokes, timely updates, anecdotes, quotes, inspiration, previews of blog posts, and your stunning personality. Engage in real conversations frequently on Twitter. Use Twitter for research (HTTP://SEARCH.TWITTER.COM), Twitter chats, and the power of lists (organizing connections into useful categories).

+ Pinterest 

Your place to post everything visual that you want your followers to check out. Even if it’s information and not an image, you can make a beautiful image that goes with the information.

+ Facebook

Your platform for connecting with people 25 or older. A great place to share visuals, links to useful information, promotions, and inspiration. Facebook has an affordable ad program that can help you target readers with specific interests.

+ Instagram

Your place to share compelling, interesting, fun, meaningful, helpful, and inspirational photos and videos. Instagram is a great place to display some of your portfolio items and your behind-the-scenes processes and life. It is best used in a very interactive manner (leaving comments and responses often).

+ Google+

Your place to share longer insights and thoughts (that aren’t quite blog length), visuals, videos, tutorials, tips, and inspiration. Google+ is excellent for communities, deeper discussions, following key influencers, and educating your audience.

+ LinkedIn

Your place to show your professional side, diverse capabilities and skills, and ability to provide useful information. LinkedIn is a great place to make connections for collaborations and to find talented individuals you might hire in the future.

+ YouTube

Your place to share tutorials, product reviews, trainings, and your winning personality. If used, YouTube is best used consistently and strategically.

Social Media Statistics South Africa

Update + Links

Don't just stand there

A lot of my time recently has been dedicated to creating contracts, finalizing web content + meeting with future clients for Digital Branding/PR/Social Media Marketing stuff. I’m incorporating a Skybok Video Profile into the package I’m offering, which has led me to some amazing clients + collaborations with people who want a holistic re-vamp of their digital footprint. On top of this, I’ve been running around Cape Town for castings + going into studio for voice work. I can’t wait to head home soon for Christmas + relax. In the meantime, here are a few links I’d like to share:

I’m on Google+ (add me)

I’m working on a series based on a talk I gave to a school on what to expect after leaving high school + entering the real world (more on this soon!)

I want to serve these at a dinner party.

I’m itching for a vacation. Next stop: here.

This is amazing. Creative people in their creative spaces.

Found this site in my bookmarks…I need to use my Holga camera again.

Wouldn’t mind doing a little shopping here.

Wouldn’t mind getting this.

1940’s Pin-Ups with a Dash of Milk

Pin Up Girls Milk Portraits  Jaroslav WieczorkiewiczLondon-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is a someone who loves pushing the boundaries and stepping outside his comfort zone. He’s known for his high speed photography and pushing it to the extremes, most of the time involving milk! His newest set with milk combines his love for composites and high speed and it shines with some traditional 1940’s pin-ups.

When looking for inspiration, Jaroslav took a page out of calendars by Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, and Greg Hildebrandt. Each of the photographs is comprised of over 100 images. None of the photographs contain any extra illustration and the most intricate piece contains almost 200 layered images. The images were taken all around the world at seminars and workshops that Jaroslav has held.

Be sure to check out his Twitter + Facebook. Keep up with his upcoming workshops on his blog.

Pin Up Girls Milk Portraits  Jaroslav WieczorkiewiczPin Up Girls Milk Portraits  Jaroslav WieczorkiewiczPin Up Girls Milk Portraits  Jaroslav WieczorkiewiczPin Up Girls Milk Portraits  Jaroslav WieczorkiewiczPin Up Girls Milk Portraits  Jaroslav WieczorkiewiczPin Up Girls Milk Portraits  Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz